December 17, 2017

What Can I Do With a Rehab Counseling Degree?

This article may be helpful to you if you have found yourself asking the following question: What can I do with a Rehab Counseling Degree?

what can i do with a rehab counseling degree

Why Should I Earn a Rehab Counseling Degree?

The best rehab counseling degrees provide a solid foundation for rehab counseling careers. Students learn how to become a rehab counselor or administrator in either a public or a private program. All states have a department or office of vocational rehabilitation, with local offices scattered throughout the state. Most now require the professionals in this field to possess a degree in rehabilitation from an accredited university. University of Wisconsin at Madison offers the top-ranked program, closely followed by Michigan State University and University of Iowa. Walden University offers one of the best online rehab counseling degree programs. Beginning counselors will usually start with a bachelor’s degree and advance with a master’s degree. This exciting career offers both a respectable package of compensation and benefits and the satisfaction of assisting persons with disabilities to become appropriately employed.

Job Prospects

Rehabilitation professionals work with both clients with disabilities and employers. Together with the client, they identify employment goals that utilize the talents and interests of the individual. The rehabilitation counselor and client team devises a plan that will enable the client to achieve employment commensurate with abilities and training. The rehabilitation professional draws on the knowledge and skills gained while working toward the degree to provide effective services. With some experience in the field, a counselor may move into an administrative position, become an employer relations specialist, work exclusively with people who have vision or hearing impairments, or provide special services to other counselors to enhance their clients’ job prospects. The job outlook for careers in rehab counseling is expected to remain strong. A degree in rehab counseling can lead to a satisfying career and a positive answer to the question, “What can I do with a Rehab Counseling Degree?”