December 17, 2017

Top Rehab Counseling Degree Programs in Florida

Top Rehab Counseling Degree Programs in FloridaIf you like to assist people in their moment of need, consider attending one of the top rehab counseling degree programs in Florida. The information contained in this article will help you decide if Florida is the right place for you to earn your degree in rehab counseling, where you could have a promising career as a rehabilitation counselor, rehabilitation evaluator, or placement specialist, among many others.

Details about the Top Rehab Counseling Degree Programs in Florida

The programs listed here are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. You begin your education at the undergraduate level, earning a bachelor’s degree, then move up to the graduate level to gain more proficiency and earn a master’s degree; some people even earn a doctorate degree.

The best online rehab counseling degrees in Florida are available at Argosy University and Florida Atlantic University, whose programs can be taken from the comfort of your home, which makes the rehab counseling degree programs from these schools convenient. Florida State University’s Master of Science in rehab counseling is regarded as the best rehab counseling program in Florida. Additional choices are the program at the University of Central Florida, which offers the Master of Arts in Counselor Education-Mental health counseling and the Florida International University’s Master of Science in Psychology Counseling.

Financial Aid and Scholarships For The Top Rehab Counseling Degree Programs in Florida

Students interested in a rehabilitation counseling degree should not be deterred by the cost as there are a variety of financial aid options available. There are grants available as well as scholarships that will help with the expenses associated with Florida rehab counseling degree programs. Bright Futures is a financial aid option specific to Florida for which high school seniors submit an application prior to graduation. There’s also the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which provides students with low interest loans, and the Pell Grants for qualifying students, which do not have to be paid back.

Getting a degree from one of the top rehab counseling degree programs in Florida can be expensive and financial aid is something that should be considered if you are unable to shoulder the cost of tuition alone.